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We have been proudly serving our Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) customers for emergency locksmith service for many years. We can handle any lock installation or repair, rekeying or making new keys. Our team can help you with emergency lockout services, car/ automotive key replacements, commercial or house keys. Fast Local Locksmith assistance is available for any emergency need. If you live in Philadelphia - feel free to call us any time for any additional information or for estimate over the phone.


Are you searching for a key specialist in Philadelphia? Fast Local Locksmith handles any types of locks whether it’s car, commercial, residential, or safe. We also offer emergency services in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. You can call us any time to schedule our service in your area.


Properly working lock system is our number one security, if it’s compromised, it can put us at so many different risks. Consider rekeying a door in following and other cases:

â—‹ You’ve moved into a new place;

â—‹ You’ve fired several or single unreliable employee;

â—‹ You’ve been renting out apartment for long;

â—‹ Your door locks are old and jammed;

â—‹ Someone you don’t trust owns the key.

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