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Residential Door Lock Specialists
Residential Door Lock Specialists

High security residential/home lock provided and installed by our team will help you feel safe whether you are home or away. We install, repair, replace, rekey and master rekey all the locks that exists on the market right now. Fast Local Locksmith - professional lock and key services in greater Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


It’s an essential step changing the locks when you move into a new house. You want to feel at peace knowing that nobody has the key and access to your property. It’s possible that a realtor and even building contractor has the copy of your key, which makes it an unknown number of copies you don’t want to track, when you can simply call a locksmith and change the lock.


We will give you a few examples of our estimated prices on residential locksmith services:

â—‹ Residential lockout service – $65 – $150

â—‹ Lock rekey or tumbler – $29 – $79

â—‹ Residential knob lock - $55 – $149 (including installation)

â—‹ residential deadbolt lock 55 -149 (including installation)

â—‹ Residential jimmy proof - 85 – 195 (including installation)

â—‹ Electrical and mechanical keypad locks, including installation - $220 – $350

â—‹ Residential handle set - $175 – $385 (include installation)

â—‹ Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer – $35- $150


We also offer mailbox lock change, safe lockout and handling garage door locks.

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