Tumbler Combination Change

Commercial Lock Re-key
Commercial Lock Re-key

Fast Local Locksmith provides commercial locksmith services in Philadelphia. Commercial premises need extra protection, as it is crucial to maintain a safe place for the staff and protect both intellectual property and business assets. If this aspect is more or less ignored, you could end up facing major problems. 

Here are few examples when you might consider calling Fast Local Locksmith, as your office needs to be 100% guarded: 

  • Your staff is now compiled of new members;

  • You suspect that person outside of your office has the key or knows the tumbler combination;

  • The door lock is stuck and it’s hard or impossible to open;

  • You’ve noticed somebody was trying to break into the office judging the trace on the lock; 

  • The lock is damaged over time; 

  • Someone learned about the lock combination numbers; 

Whatever the matter is, our skilled technicians are ready to meet clients’ needs and provide highest quality service and put your mind in total peace. Locksmiths will re-key, change the lock, change the combination of tumbler or install a new one.

Our service of lock re-key or tumbler combination change has a very competitive price. It can range from $35 to $85. 

You can call us anytime - (215) 715 0751

Our specialists will give closest estimate over the phone and arrive as soon as possible. 

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