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Rekey Your Door Lock
Rekey Your Door Lock

When you move to a new house or apartment, it is better to change your door locks or rekey them. If you still have question why you should rekey your lock, the answer is obvious - prevent unauthorized entry by previous owner or someone who may have key.


You may also need to rekey lock if you are not sure if it works properly, it is broken, or you just lost copy of your key.


From time to time, you should check you lock and key. Nothing last forever, even lock mechanism. If you think that, your lock or key stopped working properly - it is time to replace lock or rekey it. You can just rekey your house door lock and feel protect as before.


What is the difference between changing lock and rekeying it?

In case of rekeying you do not need to change the whole lock, you just keep the old lock and replace key to a new one. So to explain It more simple – you keep existing lock, but you are making new key and old key will not open lock anymore.


It is also important to know that rekeying is cheaper service than changing locks. Residential Door lock specialist will help you without damaging your lock and door. If you live in Philadelphia – Fast Local Locksmith will help you whenever you need them.


Pay attention that changing door lock yourself is simpler than rekeying it. Rekeying door lock requires experience and corresponding tools, it is more chance to damage your key while trying to rekey it.


Fast Local locksmith has all tools to rekey you lock FAST and make you fill secure again; we are your quick and cheap solution in any lockout situation.

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