Car locksmith, lost car key with no spare

Lost Car Keys, No Spare
Lost Car Keys, No Spare

Here are some tips what to do If you  lost car key and have no spare:

  • First of all - do not panic. Its is just a thing, it is unpleasant, but not disaster.
  • Lock twice. Maybe you have left your key in apartment. Turn out the pockets, play back your route, try to remember where you could leave it. Maybe someone you know found it. In many situations you can find key in familiar place, you need just to calm and remember everything.
  • If you have not been in such locksmith situation – make spare! Keep it in wallet, bag, house, give it to your family member. Do it know, to be safe in future.

Anyway, if you did everything to find car key and have no result -  next step is open the door:

If your car window is open (even slightly), you can open the car with simple wire device  (wire fixtures). But be careful you can damage your car. But, it is better to call expert, automotive locksmith service, who has all necessary equipment and can help you open car door and make new key, sure with spare.

If door is already open (by yourself or with car locksmith help) and you are waiting for new key to be done, transport the car to a safe place. While restoration of car keys, it is much better to transport your vehicle to garage or guarded parking.

For any locksmith situation: if you lost key with no pare, If you have problem with opening car door, if you left key inside car – you can call us – Fast local locksmith operates in Philadelphia and our car locksmith specialists are always ready to help you in any situation.

Fast local locksmith team can open everything that has locks.

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