Residential Locksmith, Residential / Home Locksmith in philadelphia

Residential / Home Locksmith
Residential / Home Locksmith

If you need in-house security and want to protect your family from intruders. Fast Local Locksmith team will help you with higher security door locks, window locks and other forms of additional security.

<2>Residential Locksmith:  provides professional lock and key service in  Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

if you have problems with door lock to the apartment/house, it is broken, works irregularly or sticks, or you have just lost house key – Our  door specialist is at your service!

Don't worry about quality of services. Our door locksmith specialist will change locks quickly and professionally, , or will give recommendations how to buy quality locks and how to avoid such situation in future.

We work quickly and efficiently. We have been proudly serving our Philadelphia customers for emergency locksmith service for many year

Fast local locksmith can handle any lock installation or repair, rekeying or making new keys. We can rekey all your doors to work with a Master Key.

If you have lost your keys and you have no spare, you need to call us immediately - (215) 715 0751

We offer Residential Locksmith:

  • Residential lockout service – $65 – $150
  • Lock re-key or tumbler – $29 – $79 (combination change)
  • Residential knob lock - $55 – $149 (includes installation)
  • residential deadbolt lock 55 -149 (include installation)
  • Residential jimmy proof - 85 – 195 (deadbolt include installation
  • Electrical and mechanical keypad locks, includes installation - $220 – $350
  • Garage door locks, includes installation – $75 – $185
  • Residential handle set - $175 – $385 (include installation)
  • Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer – $35- $150
  • Mail box lock change – $65 - $150
  • Safe lockout – $129– $450

Call us today for more information: 215-715-0751

If you do not need our help now – you can just save our number (215) 715 0751 to your phone in case you need it.

We will serve you whenever you need us!

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Residential / Home Locksmith
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