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Keyless entry fob clicker key prox
Keyless entry fob clicker key prox

Fast local locksmith specialises in car key programing, keyless entry fob clicker. You can find yourself in situation when:

  • You smart key is not working and you cannot get in to your vehicle.
  • Transponder or remote key is damaged or broken
  • Chip inside key remote is damaged or broken
  • You need reprogram car key
  • You lost car key fob.


Do you know that transponder and remote key differ? They have same appearance but difference is in how they operate. With remote key, you can open or lock car via remote. However, if the remote key is not working you can open vehicle using standard flat key. Bothe keys run by a radio frequency. So what is the difference? Transponder key has electronic chip inside to respond to the ignition, so if the key fob is broken vehicle will not start.


If you are in emergency car lockout situation and need to reprogram you key or help with the keyless entry fob clicker – Fast local locksmith is always ready to help you.

Our professional and licensed car key specialists are have all necessary tools to provide you with accurate and fast locksmith service.


Our prices: Keyless entry fob clicker key prox  –  $140 - $455


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