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Mail box lock change
Mail box lock change

Replacing Mailbox lock may be necessary in several situations - the mechanism is jammed, the key is broken or the key is lost. It is not difficult to do it yourself if you have all the necessary tools to perform work carefully and follow all the main installation rules. However, it is recommended not to make worse and call professional safe locksmith service.

In some cases, it is better to replace not the lock mechanism, but the entire mailbox. You can purchase modern mailbox with included lock, or just with possibility of lock change.

When you cannot solve problem yourself, any wrong action can finally break the lock and damage the whole mailbox. In any situation, do not use physical force to damage mailbox door.

Call Fast Local locksmith – professional locksmith company. We will help you to change mailbox lock in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.


Our prices: Mail box lock change –  $65 - $150

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