Fast Local locksmith, Installation of pre-purchased locks

Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer
Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer

When it comes to choosing new door lock, you need to choose carefully.

There are several types of lock:

  • The most common type – entry Doorknobs.
  • The most popular Deadbolts with max security option.
  • Level Handle sets with thumb turn and deadbolt.
  • Entry Door Levers, that is more easy to use.
  • Electronic Door locks – simple to install, give you control over access and you can open it without spare key.

It is very important to know what lock is the best, beside this, you should take into consideration grade of the lock, which is number of lock cycles. Before choosing and buying door lock you should know door’s backset, thickness and cross bore.

Everyone wants the best lock. However, best means – expensive. Therefore, you need to choose between affordable and high level of security.  If you do not know, which lock to buy it is better to call door lock specialist to ask advice. Anyway, if you have already bought lock then you need it to be installed professionally.


Fast local locksmith can handle any door lock installation. We can help you choose best lock for your door or we can install pre-purchased locks.

If you need lock installation –  Fast local locksmith offers best Residential locksmith service in Philadelphia & Surrounding areas.


Our prices: Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer – $35- $150

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