Installation of Residential knob lock, Locksmith service

Residential knob lock (includes installation)
Residential knob lock (includes installation)

There are different types of door knob locks. If you are looking for new lock you can find many options, but first you should know that there are just two main type of them: knobs for doors inside house/apartments and for doors on outside of the house.


Each main category has its own subtypes.


For example there are Keyed and keyless entry knobs for main door of the house. These knobs should be reliable and safe, it should ensure you that no one will enter your house If you do not want it.


The second Category is knobs for doors inside your house or apartment. There are much easier to be installed. You can choose from many types: Dummy Knobs, Passage knobs and privacy knobs. For example, privacy knobs has lock on itself, so it does not need key. Some Dummy knobs even do not need to be turned to open. As for Passage knobs, such locks are used for rooms where privacy does not matter, they do not have lock but you need to turn them to open.


It is not easy process choosing good knob lock, you should consider different important factors: quality, price and durability. In this case it is better to call Fast Local Locksmith, professional door locks specialists in greter Philadelphia and surrounding arreas, who will not only help you choose lock, but also install it and ensure that everything will work properly.


Our prices: Residential knob lock (includes installation) –  $55 – $149

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