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Lock re-key or tumbler (combination change)
Lock re-key or tumbler (combination change)

Sometimes you come to the moment when you need door lock rekey: you move to the new place and need new key to feel safe. Maybe you lost key copy or just you do not know who else can have your key and just want to change it.  In such lockout situations described, it is very important to get professional locksmith help.

Fast local locksmith can help you rekey door locks, or replace lock tumbler or change combination on your lock. Whenever you need spare key, or change lock, or rekey door lock to protect yourself and your family – call us, Our emergency lock change specialists are always ready to help you.

If you have problems with lock tumbler, be sure it is very important thing. Tumbler is important component of lock and it make most of keys work. If you need lock tumbler replacement, feel free to contact us. Our home locksmith specialist will analyse your lock and decide should we change or fix it. When you are changing lock you are changing key that will open new lock. For locksmith specialist this procedure is very easy and do not take much time to be done.

When you are rekeying lock maybe you want just change old key, but very often clients want the same key to open more than one lock. In this case the locks should have the same types of keyholes and, clearly, should be same brand

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Our prices: Lock re-key or tumbler (combination change) –  $29 – $79

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