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Push bar devices  (includes installation)
Push bar devices (includes installation)

Every commercial property has or should have emergency exit. Push bar device, or in other words panic bar. It  is used on exit doors to make it easier open door during emergency, such as earthquake, fire, etc. This device is installed so that it remains locked from outside but can be open quickly from inside. Door with such device is very useful for people with limited mobility or children, as they can open it without others help.  If Push bar device is not working as it should, it can cause problems while exiting building, and put your employees or clients at risk.


Fast Local locksmith provides push bar devices with installation. Our commercial door lock specialists have experience, knowledge, skills and equipment to install or repair push bar device properly and with guarantee.


If you need install Push bar device and you are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - you should call us –Fast Local Locksmith.


Our prices: Push bar devices  (includes installation) –  $350 - $850

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