Commercial Lock re-key or tumbler combination change

Lock re-key or tumbler combination change
Lock re-key or tumbler combination change

Fast local Locksmith offers commercial lockout service: Lock re-key or tumbler combination change.

Rekey is good alternative to lock change. It allows you remain existing locks and have a new key for them. It is much cheaper and quickly process. Our professional commercial locksmith service technicians will come rapidly to your property upon your request and rekey you lock or change tumbler combination.


When you just moved into a new space, you may need to rekey your office or property door lock, or maybe you are not sure if someone else has spare key. You can choose our lock rekey or tumbler combination change service to keep your office secure and at the same time not to spend extra money on changing locks on all doors.


Fast Local Locksmith can help you rekey all door locks, so you can use only one key to unlock them all.

Why rekeying and not changing lock? Rekeying is cheaper and faster than replacing door locks. It is more secure and convenient.


Our prices: Lock re-key or tumbler combination change –  $35 – $85


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