Broken key extraction, Philadelphia car locksmith

Broken key extraction
Broken key extraction

Unfortunately, everyone risks facing such a situation where the key in the car door lock has broken and you need emergency help. further recommendations will certainly be useful to you. One of the most common reason may be the key that was incorrectly inserted and accidentally broken. In some cases, the key is just stuck and easily can be removed with corresponding tools, without braking the lock, but what to do if the key is really broken and you cannot remove it from the lock?

A situation where a key is stuck in you vehicle door lock is far from uncommon. Everyone has to know what to do in such case. There are many methods to solve such lockout problem, and first you can try to solve problem yourself, you can use:  screw-driver; nail-catcher; hammer; drill, etc. With these items, you can try to get the key from the cardoor lock. If the key is just stuck in the car lock - items above will sure help you. But when the broken key is too deep and cannot be removed easily in this case you need help of professional locksmith company not to cause more damage to your lock or door.

Fast local locksmith will help you with broken key extraction. Our team members have all corresponding tools for easy extraction of broken key from lock. Our locksmith specialists have all corresponding and necessary tools to help you in lockout situation and make minimum damage to your car lock.

Beside this we will give you recommendations how not to get in such situations in future and fix everything before emergency lockout situations comes.

Our prices: Broken key extraction – $79 – $169

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