How to Master Key My House


Master Key Your House

How do you feel about using only one key for all the locks in your house or office building


If you master key your premises, you won’t need to jingle around a bunch of keys. A master key can open several locks, although it’s not about the key itself, rather the way locks are reset. Such locks have a second set of mechanisms used which is identical to all of the other sets of locks. 


Is it an easy process? 


Option 1: If all your locks are the same brand, it’s easier for a locksmith to change the tumblers to match. This way, they will be called ‘’keyed-alike’’ and the one key becomes a master, enabling two different keys to open one lock. You won’t need to replace any hardware. Fast Local Locksmith has extensive experience with any type of locks, so we would call it an easy process. 


Option 2: If you have locks from different brands, you will need to choose the one you like more, replace the other ones. It will cost you more to get new hardware, but Fast Local Locksmith has affordable prices. 


If you don’t want to master key all of your property, you can perform it to only specific zones. 


Our locksmith services stretch further than the opening or replacing locks. Check our services to learn more. 


Fast Local Locksmith – we have a highly qualified and experienced specialist who can replace any type of door lock quickly, efficiently, accurately. During the process of working we use modern equipment and instruments, so it will not cause damage to the door.


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