Types of Car Keys


Different Types of Car Keys 

If you need to replace your car key or install a new one, it’s better to understand which one is the one your car has. Types of car keys are different from model to model, it plays a huge role in which year the car was produced. Here are the most common types of vehicle keys:  

Smart Key

A remote key is becoming more popular in today’s models. It automatically allows you to unlock and start the car without using a mechanical key, you will only need to press the button. 

Mechanical Key

It’s the oldest type of car keys and still most common. It’s the easiest one to replace, duplicate, and maintain. 

Transponder Key

Even though transponder keys are quite expensive, they provide extra security to your vehicle. It’s very difficult to duplicate, which makes it hard for someone to make a copy and steal your car. 

Switch-blade key

The switch-blade key opens when pressing the button, that’s why they look like smart keys.  

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