Keyless Entry System for Your Home


Reviewing Pros and Cons of Keyless Entry System

New technologies are introduced almost daily to make our life easier. A keyless entry system is one of the innovations that protect our property. If you’re thinking of installing a keyless lock to your home, we break down some pros and cons for you to make the right decision. 

Pros of a keyless entry system

  • You won’t need to carry around a key, thus you will never lose it. 

  • You won’t need to make an appointment to give someone a key. If someone is visiting or home sitting when you’re away, you simply give them a code. 

  • Some keyless systems allow you to track who enters or exits home at what time.

  • If you’re renting your apartment/house out when you’re on holiday, both tenant and cleaning lady can arrive without you hiding the key under the rug, which we all agree is quite dangerous.

  • You won’t be locked out of the apartment. 

Cons of a keyless entry system

  • Sometimes we can’t rely on technology, a power failure might cause some issues with the system.

  • There’s a chance you forget a code, although you can always call Fast Local Locksmith to solve your problem.  

  • It’s a bit more expensive than a traditional lock system. 

In summary: 

It will be beneficial if you consider two important rules: changing codes from time to time so that buttons won’t get worn and your code won’t become visible for an intruder. Second, it’s a good idea to have a traditional key as a backup. 

If you live in Philadelphia and made up your mind to make your place more convenient, call Fast Local Locksmith and our skilled technicians will install it in no time. 


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