I Got Locked Out of the House


Storytime: I got Locked Out of the House

I just moved to Chesterbrook, a suburb of Philadelphia. Growing up in an apartment, then living in a college dorm, moving into a tiny New York apartment, I always had a dream to live in a big house with my family, having a yard and a dog in it. However, I never thought of the following scenario. I was so excited to buy a house that didn’t listen to the words of a landlord: never forget the key, even when you’re going to a yard, it will lock and you won’t be able to get in. If you don’t trust yourself, consider replacing it. Now I remember each word clearly.

That day, I woke up later, as I had an important meeting at 11 am, decided to work remotely and head there more relaxed and organized. I was home alone when I heard someone knocking on a door. I received a mail and decided it was a good idea to read them in the yard with a cup of coffee, I only had to change into clothes from the robe. Suddenly, I heard the door slamming. I still didn’t know it would become an issue. I was still thinking of my to-do list for the day, I thought I would bake the cake for the neighbors and introduce myself to them in my new, beautiful dress. I touch the doorknob and realize I’m in trouble. I’m looking for a phone in my pocket to call my husband but I’ve left it inside. Run around the house to find an opened window, but all of them are closed, as we still haven’t installed nets. I only spot one open window on the second floor, and I know it’s my only option to get in there. 

I start climbing up, my legs are shaking, but even worse, someone passing by starts shouting at me. I can’t keep going as I’m too stressed. I look down and see my neighbors standing down and look at me mistrustfully. Two of them are on the phone but I can’t hear them. Within minutes, the police stop the car, helping me to get down. As I start to explain I live in this house and I promise I will show all the documents to them to prove it, Fast Local Locksmith comes in and opens the door smoothly. It turned out, one of my neighbors guessed the situation I was in right away, so she called the right service. Everyone started to laugh, it was a different kind of house-warming party than I imagined but turned out to be fun. I’m now a good friend with both a man who called the police, as I know he will always care about our safety, furthermore a woman who called a locksmith service and saved my meeting. 

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