Ignition Switch Replacement


Can I Replace the Ignition Switch? 

A broken ignition switch in your car may be the reason why you can’t start the car. Several signs indicate a faulty ignition switch and it’s better if you take an action before it fully shuts down. 

The signs of a failing ignition switch are: 

  • All lights going down; 

  • The car halts while driving; 

  • Radio stops working; 

  • You turn the key and nothing happens; 

  • You can’t power the center console on; 

And of course being late to work, as you barely start the car. 

If you decide to DIY, you will need several hand tools, skills and there’s a great chance you won’t do it correctly and even damage it further. You also might get the wrong part, it defers model by model. 

If you live in Philadelphia or its surrounding areas, the easiest and cheapest way is to call Fast Local Locksmith. Our certified experts will perform ignition replacement services efficiently, at affordable rates. 


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