Types of Door Locks for Your House


Common Types of Door Locks

Choosing an appropriate door lock is one of the most important ways to protect your possession. People started to use different locking mechanisms 6000 years ago made by wood. Some would use ropes too. Nowadays, the number of options can be overwhelming. 


If you decide to change a lock or install a new one at your property, you need professional help- Local Locksmith. Our locksmiths use the best range of locks to provide only the best to our customers.


Here are a few examples of types of door locks to help you determine which one to install in the future: 


Residential doorknob - knob locks are frequent in residential situations, installed on exterior doors in addition to deadbolts, or as a primary lock. 


Residential deadbolt lock- deadbolts are installed on external doors and come in varieties. Deadbolts can make a door more resistant to entry without the correct key. 


Residential Jimmy proof - A jimmy-proof lock is often located on the inside of a door on double doors. This form of deadbolt is often preferred as it requires very little modification to the door surface during installation. 


Electrical and mechanical keypad locks- Electronic door locks give you great control over access to your home. You don’t need a key, you just need to enter a numeric code on the keypad. 


If you live in Philadelphia, our team will help you in any locksmith situation. Fast Local Locksmith skilled technicians will install, rekey, or replace above mentioned or any type of locks. 


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