What Do I Do if I Locked Myself Out of My House?


What To Do When You're Locked Out of Your House

It’s a frustrating moment when you find yourself locked out of your own house, but it’s important to stay calm, not to look like a burglar who’s trying to break in and think of the best solution. Here are some recommended and not so recommended way outs that people tend to choose:

Not Recommended

  • Trying to climb into the window - let’s say, if you’ve left the window open, you might get tempted to somehow get into the house, but it’s better to stay safe and not get injured.
  • Trying to open it using handy tools- we’ve at some point heard how someone opened the door using a credit card, screwdriver, or even a knife. Although, it might cause damage to the locker and cost more later. 


  • Call your landlord- if you’re renting your place, there’s no doubt that the landlord will own the key.
  • Think of a spare key- maybe you’ve given a spare key to your family member, friend or neighbor for such emergency cases. This will be the easiest way out. 
  • Call Fast Local Locksmith-cheap emergency locksmith service is the most surefire way to get back into your home. Most importantly, professionals will unlock the door without damaging it in the shortest possible time. 

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