During the re-keying locks, you don't need to change the whole lock mechanism


Commercial re-key

Protecting your business means protecting your commercial space, employees, your investment and incomes. It is the most important, that your business should be protected from such crimes as burglary and vandalism. To avoid all this, you need well-functioning and high-quality commercial locks. First, of all, it is always important to choose a commercial locksmith service that fits your business needs. You need a team of professionals who will guarantee the safety of your employees and property.

If you think your commercial lock is not working properly, it is broken, you lost key you may need to re-key the lock. During the re-keying locks, you don’t need to change the whole lock mechanism. In this case, there should replace the inner springs and pins in the cylinder. After this procedure, you can’t open the lock with the old key anymore. 

For commercials business rekeying locks is a good choice in the following cases: 

  • If you want to increase security.
  •  if you move to a new commercial space or office. 
  • If the old lock is not working properly 
  • If a key is lost or stolen 

In most instances, rekeying locks is cheaper than replacing the lock. 

If you are a large corporation or small and large business representative Fast Local Locksmith  provides fast and efficient commercial rekey service for you. Our commercial locksmith specialists have extensive experience that’s why they will help you without damaging your door or lock. 

Fast Local Locksmith  – we offer you a complete package of commercial locksmith service: Commercial rekey, New lock installation, lock change/replacement, master key systems, reprogram electronic locks, file cabinet locks, safe installation, unlocking and repairing safe. Our experts will give you all the necessary recommendations and answer all your questions. 

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