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I lost my car keys and what should I do?

Losing your car keys, especially when you really need your car, can be very stressful because of you suddenly realize that you can’t go where you need to go. If you’ve done a sweat searching all the usual or unusual hiding spots in the house including pulling all the cushions off the couch and digging through your toddler’s toy box and still can’t find your car keys, don’t panic. First thing to do is to keep calm and call locksmith. If the keys are really lost, Fast local locksmith will help with lost keys for any type of auto vehicle and get you back into your car as fast as possible. We will give you the best deal and option on a new key.

In order to assist our auto locksmith service, we will need the following information:

  • What is a model of the vehicle?
  • The registration and identification number of the vehicle.
  • Personal identification - a documentation showing your name, photo and address to confirm ownership of the vehicle.
  • What is your current location?
  • One more major question - How much does it cost?

There are several types of car keys whatever: Traditional Car Key, Car Key Fob and Switchblade Key, Transponder Key or Smart Key.  The price is depending on which one is yours? Mostly replacing your car keys cost is from 45$ to 350$. If you need our help and you call us, we will save your money, time and nerves.

If you lost your car keys and your current location is in Philadelphia call us for help: (215) 715 0751


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