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When Do You Need to Rekey Lock?

There are several reasons why you may need to rekey your house locks.


First, let us explain, what “rekey” means. When you rekey your lock, you can keep existing lock without changing it, but you change the pin inside your lock, it is necessary so your old key will no longer work. It is best solution to save you costs and time.

So when do you need to rekey your locks?


The first reason may be - moving into a new house, apartment. Your priority issue when moving to the new place - is feel safety and protect. Therefore, you need change locks or just rekey them. No one but you should have access to your house. You need protect those your love and your property from anyone else. In any case, you should decide: do you need lock change or just have your locks rekeyed by professional locksmith team.


What if your house has already been hacked and entered by burglars? In this case, it is necessary to act quickly so such situation does not recur. Call certified trusted locksmith company to rekey existing locks (if they are not damaged). This is urgent and necessary step to prevent burglary come back and provide you sense of security. In any case, professional locksmith team will help you in lockout situation.


Imagine situation, when you lost your key. You cannot remember where you left it or maybe someone stole it. Such situation can happen to any of us. When you have spare key you enter your house very easy, but what to do with lost key? Do you feel safe knowing that someone can have it and knows your address? You should urgently change your locks. However, why wasting money and time. When you can just rekey your existing locks. Be sure this is your emergency lockout situation, when you need act quickly. Call professional locksmith company and rekey locks as soon as possible.


From time to time, you should check how your lock and keys work. As everything in this world - nothing last forever. So over time check mechanism of lock. Any new lock or key after several time need to be checked or replaced. If you key stop working or just broke – you do not need to replace everything, the whole lock. You can just rekey lock and feel protected again. This is simple, quick and cheap solution for your lockout situation.  The best way not to face emergency lockout situation –check and rekey your locks every 5 or 6 years.


All reasons described above will help you be prepared for emergency lockout situation.

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