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How to Fix Broken Car Key

You should know that the cost of broken or lost car key depends on structure and design of key. If key has complicated structure – the price is high.

If you lost your key or somebody can steal it and this is your first car lockout situation you may get in panic and do not know what to do. Your first step may be to call to the dealer or service centre where you bought your car. Be prepare! They will tell you very “uncomfortable” price and long-time of preparing new key.  The time depends on age of your car; Replacing or repairing process can take from several days to several weeks.  Nevertheless, you are in situation when you need emergency help, professional car locksmith help.


Who Can Help in Lockout Situation

Besides dealer centers, you can go to car services centers, companies who specialized in car key restorations or just call locksmith company. You can apply to these places and be sure to have all necessary documents on hands, so company you address be  sure that you are car owner.  The second act - company will estimate cost of work to be done. Duration and cost depend on vehicle model, key and lock complexity. If case you do not have spare key, Locksmith Company can make new one from the lock.

If you have not lost, but broke the key, it will cost a little more


Broken key costs more.

The recovery of simple car key is not expensive service, but the price (again and again) vary on its complexity, but anyway, all job can be done in one day (maybe even in one hour) . But, in case you have not lost your key, but broke it – the price in this case is much higher.  Car lock specialist will add fee of removing or replacing core of lock and removing broken key from it.


If you want the truth it is not so difficult to make a key from two broken parts, technically the restoration is carried in machine that can hold two pieces of key and “make” new one. The most complex and difficult work is – make a new key only by lock (without spare key or broken key). This procedure is much expensive and the car locks specialist will have to remove lock from the car. Be prepare, it will take a long time to make a new key, to restore original.


It can take several days to get things done. In case you lost your key and do not have extra, spare one and need to get in car immediately -you can just try to find new lock, lock core with keys for your car. It will not be cheaper but anyway you will not waste your time. You can try to buy new core of lock to your car, but if the delivery takes several weeks, sure it is better to restore key immediately.

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