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Door lock replacement - Can I do it myself?

It may seem that the replacement of the lock keys is quite simple. You may think that just only screwdriver is enough to replace everything.

With no specific knowledge, in some cases, lock replacement can lead to a complete lock of the door. Therefore, it is important to call locksmith specialists who will not only select the suitable mechanism for your lock and replace the keys/lock, but also give a guarantee.

Fast local locksmithoperates in Philadelphia and surrounding areas and provides professional lock and key service. Our emergency Operators are available 24/7. if you do not need our help now – you can just save our number (215) 715 0751


Why do we need replacement?

With the loss of keys, for sure we want to feel safe and prefer replace the locks. This is necessary so that no one could break into our house. In this case, we replace cylinder mechanism of the lock. There are hundred options of cylinder mechanism, differing from each other by many factors and you can be sure that no one will open that lock. But Anyway, for sure, you should call door locksmiths to select better lock and replace it. Fast local locksmith offers urgent replacement of door locks. We will replace locks of any complexity, as well as in a variety of doors. We operate in greater Philadelphia and in surrounding areas.


Re-encoding the lock

Nowadays, locks that are more widespread are with re-encoding option. You do not need to change mechanism, unscrew something or remove lock from the door. A new set of keys and master key for re-encoding are enclosed in a set. You only need to have it (purchase it) and replace the keys following the instructions. However, remember! During re-encoding - you must follow the instructions clearly and step by step - there are cases when self-transcoding failed and the lock refused to work with old and new keys. So if you are not sure what to do - call Fast Local Locksmith team in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - (215) 715 0751 - and we will help you.


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