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Lost keys on a picnic - in nature - in forest - What to do?

Surely everyone at least once lost some things, and some does it periodically or permanently. The loss of some items can cause a lot of trouble and problems. And what if you just cannot find the keys to the car or house?


First you need to try to find the lost key, because in most cases such disappearances are found, and sometimes in very unexpected places. First of all, carefully search all your belongings: a handbag, pockets of clothing.


If the key was lost outside the home the situation became more complicated. First of all, repeat the route done. If you were in a mall or store, contact the staff to start searching and inform you about the results. The probability of finding the loss is very small, but you should try anyway. In case of loss of a key in a park or in nature, you need help of others: natives or friends. To increases chances, it is better to use special devices such as a metal detector.


What to do in cases mentioned above, when you lost your car/house keys, can’t find them and there is no duplicate at home? The situation at first look may seem hopeless, but in fact there is a way out - asking for help from specialists.


Where to call in this case? You should call to a company who can open your car/home and make duplicate keys. Locksmith can come to the place, quickly open the door with the help of master keys and other special tools, and then make an impression of the larvae of the ignition locks and the door.


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