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Broken Key Copying - truth or myth

Fast Local Locksmith specialists are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offering a wide range of automotive services. You will only need to call us, simply describe the situation, get the closest estimate over the phone and the technician will be sent your way.

You might wonder if it is possible to create a copy of only left broken key. Fast local locksmith will explain you that this is possible!

If locksmith can gather information about the key’s structure from single parts to make a full replacement - Be sure, the answer is yes! For such situation, it is very important to get a qualified expert to perform this operation. So, if you have such problems, and you live in Philadelphia, you can call us – Fast local Locksmith, and our specialist will come and help you immediately.


Sure, easily to copy a broken key, it requires all pieces of the key, but sometimes a key will break off so the entire groove blade is stuck inside the lock. Our licensed locksmith can help you extract a broken key out of a lock easily whether it is a car or a house key.


But there are cases when it is very hard to copy broken key. For example, if you have broken luxury car keys or house keys with special patented keyways only available to certain licensed sellers. In this situation, you may have troubles. However! If you have key code, there is nothing to worry about. We will help.


Imagine situation, when you have patented broken keys. You may think that it is impossible to make a copy. We will tell you, it is possible, but can be very difficult. Always get a licensed locksmith expert, as patented keys can be very complex and have anti decoding measures.


What about Smart keys? Smart keys use digital signaling instead of a mechanical blade to open up locks. If a fob key breaks, your typical everyday locksmith cannot fix it. You might need a spare key in order to make a copy – however, the process of getting a new fob key will require programming of a brand-new key, rather than copying an already broken one, due to it being software based.


In conclusion we want to say, be careful. If it is possible, copy the keys in advance. But in any situation, you can call us and our Fast Local Locksmith specialist will help you help you and advise you. Our locksmiths will come to your place, assess the situation and provide you with high-quality service. Call us now to book a service or get more information: (215)7150751

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