What to Do if My Key Got Stuck in Ignition Switch

Ask Philadelphia Locksmith: What to Do if Key Stucks in Ignition?

Ask Philadelphia Locksmith: What to Do if Key Stucks in Ignition?

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If your car key refuses to come out of the ignition for whatever reason, you must first practice patience before acting rashly. Attempting to pry a key stuck in the ignition or using other aggressive methods without first properly diagnosing the problem would only result in more problems. For example, if your car key won’t come out and you attempt to pull it out, you risk damaging it.

This means you'll have to pay to have a broken car key extracted and repaired, as well as have the ignition cylinder replaced in some cases. Let's look at some questions to help you figure out what's wrong with your key stuck in the ignition:

Are you sure your car is properly turned off?

When you have a key stuck in the ignition, the first thing you can do is ask this question. You must ensure that your vehicle is fully switched off before removing your key.

Is the key broken in ignition switch?

There's always the chance that your key could break in your ignition, causing at least a small part of the key to become stuck.

Is There A Blockage In The Keyway?

Your key can get stuck in the ignition if it encounters an obstacle that prevents it from moving freely inside the ignition cylinder. The ignition cylinder must be free of dirt or some parts in order for your key to travel easily in and out of the keyway.

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