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Ask Locksmith: Why Is My Car Remote Key Not Working?

The primary function of the car key remote is to monitor particular aspects of your vehicle. Car key remotes were mostly used to operate car door and trunk locks when they were first introduced. Car key remotes also have the ability to monitor locks, start cars, and activate car alarms, thanks to technological advances.

If you're in a situation where you can't open your car door or you've misplaced your car key and need assistance, call Philadelphia locksmith- Fast Local Locksmith right away. You can do further harm to your car by opening the door yourself, so you'll need a knowledgeable and experienced locksmith with the necessary equipment.

Check the following before you book a service:

Are car key batteries dead? If it’s the issue, it’s the easiest one to solve without booking any service.

Did you program the car key?  If your car key remote has not been programmed to control your vehicle, the remote will not work, since car remotes are paired devices. 

Is the car key broken? Another common cause of car remote keys not functioning is a faulty car key remote. Even if your transmitter and receiver are completely working, if the internal mechanisms of your car key remote are displaced or impaired, the car key remote will not work.

You can get back on the road quickly with the help of Philadelphia locksmith- Fast Local Locksmith, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our services and results. Because of their thorough training and experience, our locksmiths are the best. We have everything we require to meet your automotive locksmith requirements.

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