Philadelphia Safe Engineer Tips on Which Dial is Better


Shall I get a Safe with Digital or Manual Dials?

Our Philadelphia locksmith wll give you an insight in buying a safe. Our safe engineers can install, remove, lockout any type of safe. We have both residential and commercial services.

 If you decide to install a safe, you need to consider several factors. For example, look out for a reputable brand, in this case, brand name does make a difference. Also, make sure there’s no big space between the body and the door, it makes the safe vulnerable. Any holes that have been pre-machined into the safe's body are another void to be concerned about. There are usually mounting holes that will be filled with bolts to prevent the safe from being moved. If these gaps remain unfilled, the safe becomes more vulnerable to moisture, heat, burglary, and other threats.

There is no universal guideline for the type of dial, it’s individual and everyone shoul decide it on their own. Each has advantages and disadvantages and we are here to tell you:

Manual Dials


Manipulation is extremely difficult.

It is unlikely to break down over time.

A licensed secure locksmith will decode it if necessary.


Changing the combination is difficult.

It takes longer to enter the combination.

For usage, some learning is needed.

Digital Dials


It is easy to use.

Changing the combination is easier.

Inserting the combination takes less time.


Water, electromagnetic pulses, and other factors may cause harm.

It is possible for power to be lost.

Overrides are possible.

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