Locksmith Philadelphia Front Door Security Tips


Philadelphia Locksmith Gives Security Tips About Your Front Door

The front door to your home is supposed to be a welcoming spot. It's supposed to portray a warm and inviting environment and represent your home’s interior. However it’s more important to make sure it’s secure and locks are durable.

If you are reconsidering your front door’s appearance or security, you should ask yourself what type of lock you’d prefer: is it a smart lock, traditional deadbolt, cylinder lock? Grade 1 or grade 2 lock?

Here are some tips our Philadelphia locksmith wants to give you:

Get a smart lock- smart locks have a strong and functional setup. If you decide to install one, book our residential or commercial locksmith service.

It’s better to look for a grade 1 lock instead of grade 2, since it lasts longer.

Test the latch bar regularly- if you happen to have a latch bar on the door, make sure nothing gets in the way of a latch. Sometimes you might need to readjust. This will include unscrewing the exterior part and then reinstalling it after a few minor changes. This is a simple repair option, but it can work well if handled carefully.

Add reinforcing bars- by adding reinforcing bars to the lock you stretch the width of the door that creates extra barrier of protection.

Rekey the lock- call us if you think someone untrusted has the key, or in case you’ve lost it in an unclear situation, and we will rekey the lock.

Your locks' springs must be checked on a regular basis. The motion that allows a lock to get up and ready to use is triggered by a spring. A spring can eventually wear out and become less effective than it once was. Our locksmith can replace the spring if necessary.

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