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Lost My House Keys, Need Locksmith in Philadelphia

Losing your keys is never fun, whether it's a car, house, office, or safe key. Even if it’s annoying, Philadelphia locksmith- Fast Local Locksmith always has a solution for you.

You might need to decide whether to change the lock, rekey the door, or simply make a copy, it’s based on your situation, which we have an answer for, even over the phone before you book our service.

The main reason for concern is security related, you need to make sure you don't lose it in a place, where someone can use it against you.

It’s not a bad idea to change the locks, with this, you will be most secured. You don’t have to get an entire lockset repaired, you can always rekey it as well. Our locksmiths are expertised in any type of services you might need in this regard. Keep it in mind, that in case of rekeying, you will need a new set of keys, for each person you’d like to have access to your property.

In order to make your decision easier what type of service you’re going to need, ask yourself these questions:

Where and how did I lose my keys? : Was it stolen? - then you definitely need to change the entire lock to stay safe.

Is there a chance you left it at your friend’s house or the office?- then maybe wait before calling a locksmith, think where you might have left it, maybe you can pick it up easily.

Did you  check all your pockets, bags and jackets?- make sure you didn’t misplace it.

Did you lose your spare key?- In case you still have access to your property and you’re sure you just lost it somewhere and no one had bad intentions, you might as well leave it and simply use our key copy service, since you’ve seen a power of having a spare key.

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