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Shall I Choose Digital or Manual Dial on Safe?

There are a number of documents and items that need to be kept in a secure place that will be available for you anytime you need, unlike when you keep it in a bank or anywhere else. If you decide to install a safe, Fast Local Locksmith operates in Philadelphia and surrounding areas and our specialists are always ready to help you.

When purchasing a safe, we have another question, is it better to choose digital or manual dial? There is no one answer to that and every situation is individual, although we will try to list pros and cons for each.

Manual Dial Pros

  • They are usually firm and don’t break down over time
  • It’s not easy for intruders to manipulate
  • Any professional safe engineer can decode it

Manual Dial Cons

  • It’s more time-consuming to put combination (but I believe we all have that time when it comes to security)
  • You might need to learn some steps to use it. It might not be suitable for elderly people who are not very close with technology
  • It’s not easy to change combination, thus you might need our locksmith’s help

Digital Dial Pros

  • It takes seconds to insert the combination and open it
  • It’s a simple process to change the combination
  • Usage if pretty easy and straightforward

Digital Dial Cons

  • Since it’s electronic, it might be damaged by water, heat,etc.
  • It might lose power

Philadelphia Locksmith - Fast Local Locksmith Safe specialists will arrive at your place promptly and supply safe, fit it and install it. Our skilled technicians are experienced in working with all types of safes.

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