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Car Locksmith : Car Remote Not Working

Keyless entry remotes are popular in modern cars, since they enhance security and convenience. Car remote key is a component that controls some aspects of your car, most importantly opening the car. Drivers usually won’t be able to get into a car if the remote key is not working.

Usually, it’s possible to replace a car key remote. First, let's see what are the common reasons why it stopped working, then it gets easier to find a solution:

Batteries are dead- that’s definitely the best case scenario. It’s not a difficult process to purchase replacement batteries.

The remote key is not programmed- it’s a paired device, which needs to be programmed. Our Philadelphia locksmith will tell you if that’s the case and easily repair it.

Broken key- it’s quite common, since we throw the keys everywhere, sometimes on hard surfaces. If the internal mechanics of your car key remote are displaced or damaged, the car key remote will not work, even if your transmitter and receiver are fully functional.

Damaged transmitter- loose connection and internal damage will affect whether it’s working or not.
Take the time to assess the situation, maybe it was the wrong key, or the problem is as simple as the battery is dead. You can always call us to get the consultation. If you confirm, it's the locksmith that has to deal with the situation, our professional will be sent on your way.

With our Philadelphia locksmith-  Fast Local Locksmith, you can get back on the road fast – and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed in our services and results. Our locksmiths are best because of their training and extensive experience. We have everything that we need to handle your automotive locksmith needs.

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