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When You're Locked Out of Your House..

When you stand in front of your locked door, you ask yourself what to do?

The first thing that comes to mind when you are locked out of your house is panic and confusion. In varying degrees, everybody gets worried. There are many ways to re-enter your home, and if nothing works, there’s a professional locksmith working in your area who’s always ready to help you.

Here are several things to do when you’re locked out of your house.

First method: break the window or door.

Sure, this is awkward method, but this should be done only in emergency situations, such as a baby left alone, family member injured, etc.

Second method. Plastic Card

You can try to unlock door with a credit card or I.D. card. wedge the card between the door and the frame while you press and jiggle the handle with good force.

Third method.

Third method. open window

You can walk around house to find open window. If you found it, you can get into the house through it, but take extra care as you climb through it, so you do not hit your head or fall. Sure, it is big risk to leave open windows or backdoor in your house. But anyway, it really helps when you lost your key and locked out of house.

Fourth method. Removing a Door Knob

For this method you will need a couple of handy tools: hammer, screwdriver or knife, nail, and paperclip. You should remove screws from the handle and the hinge screws using a paperclip. Look for tools- maybe you have a garage full of tools that might help you. Remember, you need to have knowledge, so that you don’t damage the lock so much that it will cost you more to replace the lock.

Fifth method: call us

Our locksmiths are covering the whole of Philadelphia and surrounding areas. They have years of experience in dealing with emergencies, they carry all the necessary modern equipment with them to solve all kinds of problems.

Fast local locksmith ( that's our company) provides professional lock and key service in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We can handle any lock installation or repair, rekeying or making new keys. After your call we send one of our pros to your location. Once job is booked so you don't have to wait long!

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