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Philadelphia Locksmith: What is the Oldest Door Lock?

Now that we have so many options of which locks we can use at our property, it’s interesting to take a look, when was the first lock invented and where did it come from.

Ancient Egypt made lots of contributions to the civilization of the world. On the other hand, in some cases, they served as the cradle of the technology. Egyptian’s one of great inventions is door lock. Although, there are many versions.

One of the versions suggests there were hooks made from wood tied by ropes.To open the door, people would insert into the keyhole located below the pins and lifted.

After the fall of Roman Empire in 1st century AD, innovation in the field of locks was completely grounded to the halt. Locksmiths in the European dark and middle ages did not have technology or funds to create new protection techniques, but they used this time to try to confuse or compound lockpickers with new tactics. Instead of one simple lock they created multiple key mechanisms, increasingly complicated key designs, they obscured keyholes with detailed ornaments, created fake keyholes (with fake mechanisms inside), and more.

The basic design of the wooden pin lock remained largely unchanged until the Middle Ages, when English craftsmen made the first all-metal warded locks. These locks feature a keyhole with a cylinder on the far end. Inside the keyhole were a series of concentric plates, or wards, that would block a key from turning unless the pattern of notches on the key matched the pattern of wards. If the key turned freely, it would engage or disengage the bolt when turned.

Even though, the majority of world’s locks are based on the inventions of these engineers, you don’t need to have an ancient door lock, so call Philadelphia locksmith to repair your lock:(215)7150751

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