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Car Key Replacement : What's a Transponder Key?

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There are different type of car keys:

  • Master Key
  • Traditional Key
  • Valet Key
  • Switchblade Key
  • Smart Key

One of them is a transponder key, which is short for transmitter and responder. It contains an electronic microchip built in it. I transmit a signal to a remote receiver installed in a car. Every chip has a serial number. Car manufacturers have adopted the use of transponder keys, as it’s so much safer and prevents theft.

The transponder key is more secure, thus more preferred to use. It uses the ID number, which is unique to unlock the car. It will be difficult for thieves to break the ignition of your car.

If you lost your transponder key, you need a spare one or to replace it, consult our Philadelphia locksmith - reliable Fast Local Locksmith. We will cut a new key and program it.

Have you locked out of your car and can’t find your vehicle keys? Is your car lock broken or damaged? It’s always easier and cheaper to call Fast Local Locksmith than a dealer company. We will be there as soon as possible. Our well specialized vehicle locksmiths have all equipment and transponder key programming to help you get back in your vehicle without damage to it.

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