Smart Locks in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Locksmith Smart Lock Installation 

Have you decided to install a smart lock on your house or office door? Fast Local Locksmith is here to help! We will first assist you to choose an appropriate lock, bring it to your place and provide you with high-quality service. First, it’s good to understand what the smart locks are. 

What is a smart lock? 

Smart lock is an electromechanical lock designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on command. It uses an authorized device to do so. The device has a wireless protocol. You need a smart lock powered by charged batteries. 

What are its functions? 

It has a number of different functions, including allowing you to set security bupasses in certain places. It gives you quick access to your device, lets you leave your house keys behind as it only takes a tap of a finger of a voice command to perform. It also has a remote access, meaning you can unlock a door while you’re away and let a trusted person in. 

What should I know? 

  • Make sure your doors are not misaligned and it closes properly to make sure you can lock and unlock it remotely. 

  • Smart locks may not fit well if there are some decorations around the door lock. We will consult you before you request our service. We need to make sure there’s enough space for a smart lock to be installed, although it is a rare issue. 

  • Good news is, you don’t need to uninstall traditional deadbolt. It will be there in case you’ll ever need them. 

Contact Fast Local Locksmith if you’d like to install a smart lock. Our residential locksmith will arrive at your place in no time. We have the right tools and years of experience. We guarantee professional and friendly service. 

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