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Philadelphia Locksmith on How to Protect Home While You're Away

When you go on a vacation, the least thing you should be worried about is the security of your home. However, it’s good to take some precautions, in order to avoid burglary or any emergency situation. Fast Local Locksmith shares some tips with you in this regard:

Routine Check

Make sure all the locks work properly, none of them are jammed or worn out. In case you notice, they don’t look secure, give us a call and we will fix it in no time.

Make it seem you’re home

No, we don’t mean to harm the environment and go bankrupt by leaving all the lights on, although, there are many timer lights available, that are eco-friendly and can turn on once in a while. This way you will create an illusion, there’s someone home, unless a burglar believes in ghosts and is not afraid of them.

Store valuable items in safe

It’s always a good idea to store jewelry, cash or other valuable items in a safe, even if you’re home, you might have some visitors during the day, but especially when you’re on a vacation. If you don’t have a safe, or you need to repair it to be ready, give us a call and we will send our safe engineer on your way.

Give a copy of the key to someone you trust

If a family member or a trusted friend lives nearby, you can give him or her a copy of a key to check into your home time by time. Give them our contact : (215)7150751, in case of locksmith emergency. Book our service, if you need to copy your keys.

Double-check home before you leave

Make sure all the electronics are unplugged, as well as the water supply is off to avoid any type of accidents.

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