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Signs Door Lock is Damaged

Home security is of utmost importance, in which proper locks play a huge role. We often recommend modern, secure locks. Although, even old ones can be secure, as long as they are firm and fixed in case of damage. We would suggest you inspect locks in your house, especially, the one in the entrance from time to time. Don’t risk the security of you, your family and possessions by leaving a damaged lock without attention.

Some of the cases when the lock can be damaged are:

  • Weather conditions
  • Someone was trying to break into the house
  • You tried to repair it yourself
  • It simply got old
  • You forced attempt to gain access to the house you got locked out

Home security is of utmost importance, in which proper locks play a huge role operates in Philadelphia and its surrounding areas. We have a professional team of residential locksmiths. Here’s when you need to consider replacing or repairing a lock:

Key with delay

In case ket turns inside the lock with delay, there’s a chance someone tried to break into the house.

Improper locking

In case you notice the door latch isn’t aligned properly, call a locksmith nearby- that’s us in Philadelphia.

Key is hard to turn

It must be an easy task for you to unlock the door using a proper key, if it becomes hard, then it’s time for a change.

There is an enormous choice of the model of a door lock: Domestic, Chinese or European models. We can help you to choose the best one based on your situation and give recommendations.

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