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Changing Locks on House Doors - Locksmith Near Me

As time passes by, or for security reasons, you might need to change the locks on your house door. There are several ways to achieve that. Fast Local Locksmith can carry out all kinds of residential locksmith services. Keep reading to learn more about this process.

Shall I Replace it or Rekey it?

It’s good to understand the difference between rekeying and replacing the door lock. Replacing door locks is more expensive than rekeying it, although it provides comprehensive security. You need to replace the lock in case it’s damaged, on the other hand, if the only issue is that you think someone unreliable has the key, then you can simply use a cheaper service as rekeying.

Replacing lock- it involves removing an existing lock and replacing it with a brand new one, which of course has a new key. If your key got stolen, consider changing the whole lock, this will put your mind at peace and maybe lets you avoid a complicated situation in the future.

Rekeying door lock- it means realigning the springs and pins to match it to a new key. Consider rekeying the lock in following cases:

  •  When moving to a new apartment/house/office.
  •  If someone you don’t trust has the keys.
  • If you’ve lost the key in a suspicious situation.

There is an enormous choice of the model of a door lock: Domestic, Chinese or European models. We can help you to choose the best one based on your situation and give recommendations.

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