Door Locks and Feng Shui


Feng Shui and Doors - Philadelphia Locksmith's Guide for Beginners

We wanted to share some tips about what’s the door’s role in Feng Shui and how it contributes to a good energy in the house. A proper feng shui front door, as well as others cherishes your space. It’s only an introductory part, which we hope helps you get more into that.

Door opening

Number one rule is a front door to be opening inwards, not outwards. This means welcoming the chi energy, instead of pushing it away from inside. If you have a door that opens outwards, you can always change the position of hinges with the help of Fast Local Locksmith.

Door to a space

Make sure the area to which the door opens, is not cluttered. Nothing should be blocking its way because you stored something behind it. It needs to be opened smoothly and fully to a nice, clean space. It doesn’t mean you need to have a huge foyer.

Larger door

It’s always the best, if the door is larger than other doors in the house. Also, it should be high enough, so that even the tallest member of your family can easily enter home.

Fix a damaged lock

We need energy to flow smoothly, thus if any of your door locks is damaged, jammed, hard-to-open, it needs to be repaired. By calling Fast Local Locksmith, you will receive any required service.

Remove decorative items from door handles

It creates some type of complication when opening the door. It’s better if you remove it.

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