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Philadelphia Locksmith: Best Security Locks for Your Home

What is more important than a secure lock on an entry door to feel safe at home? There are some common lock types that are widely used on house doors. We will help you learn the difference between them, as it might be a complicated task for you to make a choice.

Philadelphia locksmith- Fast Local Locksmith has its residential locksmith team, who’s specialized and constantly trained to meet all of your needs. Our experts know how to deal with all types of locks and keys. Here are a few of them:

Smart Lock

As technology advances day by day, smart locks become widely used for the entry door. It’s highly durable, reliable and most importantly, doesn’t need a key, which helps us avoid a number of emergency situations.

Double Cylinder Lock

A double cylinder lock opens from the outside using a key, as well as to unlock it from the inside. It offers break-in security that has glass windows. An intruder cannot reach in to unlock the deadbolt, which makes it a secure choice.

Keypad Lock

Keypad locks require a code to enter. They are ideal for entry doors, garage doors, side and back doors.

Conventional Lock

Old but gold! These locks might not have fancy features, but they proved their security over time. They are affordable and easy to rekey.

Trust the experts when it comes to you and your family’s safety. Our locksmiths will come to your place, assess the situation and provide you with high-quality service. Call us now to book a service or get more information: (215)7150751

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