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Ask Locksmith in Philadelphia- What is a Keypad Lock

There is a huge variety of types of locks that come in different designs and have their own features, most importantly, meet security needs. Some locks are quite simple, using a standard key tumbler design, while some are electronic, using advanced technology. It always depends, what premises we are talking about. Fast Local Locksmith can give you  recommendations on which works better for your situation.

One of the most reliable locks is a keypad lock that requires you to enter a code instead of using a key. We can’t think of much of the cons for this reliable lock, that’s why we list some of the pros of installing a keypad lock:

Never Lose a Key- no need to worry about losing a key, making a spare one, or copying it for other family members.

Convenient entry and exit- simply type the PIN number and the door is unlocked. No need to search for the key in your bag or pockets late at night.

No more worries- you can relax knowing that door got locked itself, as you left the house.

Locking Schedule- it’s very convenient for business owners especially. You can schedule time periods for doors to be both locked or unlocked.

Higher Security -the most important part, it keeps the building more secure.

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