Keypad Lock Installation


What is a Keypad Lock?

The main purpose of any type of lock is to keep your property secure and make entry and exit convenient. If you want to replace your traditional lock with an electronic lock, we will inform you about its benefits. 

Here’s how keypad locks work- it requires a numerical code to gain entry, instead of a key. If one enters the correct code, the deadbolt will release. 

The main benefits of a keypad lock are:

  • Convenience- you don’t need any key for your door, thus you won’t lose it and you won’t need a copy. 

  • Security- amid its hardware design, locksmiths agree that it’s quite secure. 

  • Durability- although it’s a bit pricey, keypad locks last longer than other standard devices. 

  • Simplicity- even though all of the tasks are easy for our locksmiths, it should be noted, that installing a keypad lock is easy in general. 

Our locksmith team members have all the necessary tools, equipment, and knowledge to install a keypad lock. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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